EGL has been landscaping our 5 acre property over a period of 5 years. We have found that their owner / operator has been incredibly patient with our requests, been communicative with suggestions, has an amazing work ethic for himself and his employees. They have taken on big tasks and small with equal enthusiasm at a fair, reasonable rate. I would thoroughly recommend them as a landscaper for, or maintenance of, any property needs you may have.
Diane and Gulam

We have experience with the installation, upgrades, and beautification of gardens that consume tens of thousands of square feet each. We are also just as happy to do your small projects.

We quietly and cleanly do projects that others make a messy noise out of. For those who would rather space something out over a little more time, such as a project integrated with a routine maintenance schedule, you can watch it come together as if by itself. Or we can muscle it done in short order!

If you already have a beautiful home with a beautiful yard, why endure an unnecessary, lazy mess while improving it? Don't! Give us a call instead: contact details.

Light retaining walls in natural stone with a classy, simple brick path. A quick, in progress transformation from the old at bottom to the new at top.

We have ten years of experience with a wide range of hardscaping and landscaping tasks, from project planning to repairing prior work.

A partial list of jobs:

  • Sod
  • Sleeper Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Dry Stacked Stone
  • Stone and Mortar
  • Pavers
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Brick Edging
  • Stone Edging
  • Grade changes
  • French drains
  • Rock rivers
  • Lighting
  • Stairs
  • Brickwork
  • Fences
  • Carpentry

A french drain soon to be made invisible. Beginning to carve a wire trench down a cliff, fun stuff! Retaining walls with large paver staircase, in progress. Dry stacked basalt wall, in progress. Slab walkway in loose stone, with hidden stiffening/stabilization. Shed built to match existing structures; just finishing the soffit here. Patio with wood, limestone, and wrap-around garden bed. Paver-edged parking slab, before lawn. Custom chain-link fence panels with paver patio.